Zoom Meeting contest!

Prize pool: 100 000 TRX (~3000$)

Tron3X platform launch unique ZOOM MEETING promotional contest with huge prize pool. Our main goal is to let our user speaks about their experience about Tron3X, explanation of project and let people connect directly with us.

Conduct ZOOM MEETING of 20 people, 50 people or 100 people and get rewards accordingly.

In zoom meeting host has to discuss various topics about tron3x.io.

Points to be covered in zoom meeting:

Why tron3x.io is best?

We are the first giving 300% return on investment; show importance to attendees in your way.

Explain 10% direct referral income (Ex: As community will grow, this income can become huge, show them the importance of referral income).

How it works?

Your experience and review about project.

Review requirements:

Participants will be rewarded as per the ZOOM MEETING people gathering.

Marketing team will select best zoom meeting conducted in terms of explanation.

Marketing team will select participant on the basis of positive discussion done by him/her with attendees.

You should explain all Tron3X nuances and show deposit or withdraw process on the platform. The better you explain, the higher is your chance to get reward.

Prize places distribution

20 people zoom meeting - 500 TRX

50 people zoom meeting - 1 000 TRX

100 people zoom meeting - 2 000 TRX

500 people zoom meeting - 5 000 TRX

Prize distribution is per zoom meeting, you can conduct as many zoom meetings as you can to get more rewards. Schedule your zoom meeting by registering in zoom meeting contest page.